A Man on the Can

Once, and once again, the Man sat in his dank place. His feet were tingling, falling asleep, that familiar, uncomfortable feeling crawling slowly up his legs. He should get up, get going, get moving, shouldn’t he? He’s done; he’s finished doing his business, right?

NO,” some familiar voice emerged. It urged him to continue scrolling. The sound of little ones arguing and the harried haste of evening events seemed to emphatically agree with this surprising voice. The Man quickly looked down, wiggling his toes. “You’ve done enough already. You’re stressed from work, You need to relax.” “You don’t know what to do out there anyway.” “You just need a moment.

At that moment, the door was crashed upon by a little knock and the Man responded, coarsely and impatiently, “I’ll be out when I’m out! Just do what you need to do.” The Man looked down, simultaneously self-satisfied and ashamed. And confused.

Wait!? Who are you?” This man, named Terach, finally asked aloud. He looked and noticed this little imp on the floor, at his feet. Taking the emergence of a fictional character in stride, Terach further inquired, “What are you doing here and what did you mean by all of that?

I’m Shadow, one of your Imps.” the little creature replied, simply.

One of them!?

Yup, the rest may show up later, but for now, you’ve got me.” Shadow said confidently. “Keep scrolling, the kids will work it out and they’ll be better for it.

Well, no. That isn’t what I really want.

Is it? Is it what I really want?

And thus began Terach’s Journey.

There’s often something, some challenge or obstacle that wakes a father up to what could be different.

It isn’t necessarily anything huge or groundbreaking. Heartbreaking, yes. Often it hurts. Yet, it is most often some small experience that points in an important direction. Realizing that we CAN show up stronger, with more presence, intention and connection is an essential first step.

It’s scary though. Overwhelming.

The good news? There is a map for this journey. There is a place where fathers can step inside and rest for a minute. Enter the JourneyMen. A developing community of connected fathers providing training, accountability and direction for all men on the journey of fatherhood.

To learn more, and follow along with Terach’s journey, get in touch today!
We can schedule some time to talk about the JourneyMen story and see if it is the right path for you!

I’m looking forward to connecting!
The Innkeeper


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