The Innkeeper

Welcome, I’m glad you are here!

Fatherhood is a journey.
Come, have a seat by our fire.
It’s a grand undertaking. Obstacles, challenges, and risk are inevitable!
And, reward.
Yes, treasure is everywhere.
How about a bowl of something warm and delicious?

The JourneyMen program is an invitation for fathers to gather and share support in their journeys. This is a place for dads to enter, rest and nourish themselves. This is a place where good men come to reset, connect and gain insight, provisions and a map for the ongoing adventures of everyday life.

That guy in the corner over there? Yeah, he’s gone through some stuff. Perhaps he can offer some ideas…

Our grand adventure begins at home.
Our quest calls us to build solid, sustainable connections with our partners, our kids and ourselves. We are moved to grow these connections and then share stories and take action to change our world. It’s no small feat.
This is the foundational adventure that JourneyMen face. It’s epic.

Pass over that backgammon board and stay for awhile.

The Innkeeper’s Journal is inspired by the everyday work and play of the JourneyMen. It is my intention, as the facilitator of these gatherings, to share some of the insights and actions that emerge from our connected journeys. I am honored to hold powerful stories from fathers who aim to show up as a partner for their families, a leader at work, and a force in their communities.

As part of the fatherhood journey, every one of the JourneyMen has access to our map, our framework for foundational adventures. JourneyMen engage in D.E.E.P M.E.N.S. Work. Every session follows our D.E.E.P. framework for exploring and sharing stories, strategies and support; men are then able to use these concepts at home and work to engage others. The four foundations of M.E.N.S. work hold up everything we do and support every aspect of our work together. Would you like to learn more about these and other parts of our men’s adventure map? Come along!

**Moving forward, I will post a series of blogs exploring each section of these frameworks, including important concepts and strategies that are essential parts of the JourneyMen experience!

We come to the inn for nourishment and rest. We come to the inn when we need tools, direction or information. We find ourselves at the inn when we need some assistance and a slight respite from our everyday adventures. We enter the inn to share our stories and offer a bit of ourselves. This is where we connect, find partners and bolster ourselves for the next leg on our journey.

There’s something about the spaces where different people meet.
There’s something about these places that hold and share all the stories.

Every important adventure seems to begin and end around a table.

Welcome! C’mon in and grab a seat.


Jason S. Frishman
The Innkeeper

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